Friday, August 29, 2008

MLB orders Hosmer to sit

Bad news Royals fans. Major League Baseball has ordered the Royals to keep Eric Hosmer off the field and out of the lineup until the grievance followed by the Players Association regarding Pedro Alvarez's deal with the Pirates is resolved. According to the Pirates, Hosmer and the Royals reached an agreement AFTER Alvarez agreed to a deal. The Players Association is saying the deal was reached after the deadline and therefore is not a valid contract. An arbitrator is scheduled to rule on the matter Sept. 10 and until then Hosmer cannot play. Basically, he is done for the year if that's the case. In a worst case scenario Hosmer can be taken from the Royals if it is found that he agreed after the deadline. Dayton Moore says everything is fine. Gee, I wish that were so.

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