Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have we gotten off David's, um, Glass?

I was kicked back on the couch this morning watching ESPN replay the same stories like 5,678,986 times in a row when a thought finally hit my mind (no, it wasn't to turn the friggin channel). Have we Royals fans sort-of backed off David Glass over the past year?

It sure seems to be the case. I would appreciate your input on the state-of-the-Royals-ownership status.

Did the Meche signing kind of curtail our anger? Since then he's dropped cash on Guillen and Soria (thank God!) and has paid $$$ for draftees Butler, Gordon, Moustakas, Hosmer and Melville.

Suddenly, I don't seem so irate with the guy? What's the vibe?


Mark LaFlamme said...

It's sad that we can't blame money woes every time we get into a slump these days. That worked for a lot of years. Lately, it's not so much penny pinching as it is either bad trades or simply unfortunate ones.
There's a chance the sudden spending spree (relatively speaking) will produce results yet. Meche shows no sign of fading, Butler and Gordon still have promise and who knows what the young bucks we just shelled out for will produce.
Of course, this is me being optimistic. I haven't gotten to drinking in earnest yet while watching the dismal hightlights from the Indians game.
Nice blog you have here. Just found it.

Tug said...

Thanks for the nice words. If there's anything I can do to improve the blog let me know! Hope you come back!

Mark LaFlamme said...

I'm a huge Royals fan in Maine who's typically up late lamenting a horrid loss or celebrating a win. I subscribed to your feed so I guarantee I'll be back and I'll try to help spread the word. Keep up the good work, long-suffering friend.