Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scott Boras: America's #1 Prick

Scott Boras is a greedy, two-faced, jerk wad. There, I said it. It's out there in the public eye. I've bitten the bullett and now I can take the heat. Except, I don't think there will be any once you read what I'm about to write.
Boras and his client (No. 2 overall pick Pedro Alvarez) are refusing to sign the $6MM deal they agreed to with the Pittsburgh Pirates at the signing deadline this year. Boras, like the jackass he is, is advising Alvarez to hold out for more money (according to Baseball America) and is now claiming that he and his client didn't agree to the deal until AFTER the deadline had already passed.
There's just one little problem with that. The Pirates released a statement today saying that if the agreement with Alvarez came after the deadline so did the the one Boras worked out between the Royals and Eric Hosmer. As they should, the Pirates are basically saying "If we don't get our guy then they shouldn't either."
Look, I don't blame the Pirates. If I were them I'd be pissed too. This is another rediculous Boras tactic to get his man more money. The Pirates, on the other hand, aren't biting and are taking a stand against him. Boras has done this before (1993 with Alex Rodriguez) only this time Major League Baseball is standing firm with the Pirates.
Pittsburgh has called out Alvarez as well. After all, he's the one who is employing this clown and allowing it all to go down. Let's just hope that Alvarez clears this up and signs the deal before his name gets dragged through the mud and this whole event gets magnified any more.
Apparently, mulitple sources have confirmed that the Royals did, in fact, work out a deal after the deadline had passed. Let's cross our fingers and hope the Royals aren't forced to give Hosmer up.


nickdeck said...

Couldn't agree with you more about Boras. He's a festering pimple on the butt of the sporting community.

nickdeck said...

Also, consider this: Hosmer is now playing professional baseball, so college ball is not an option for him if his Royals contract is voided.

Tug said...

Certainly, Hosmer (if somehow baseball were able to void the deal) would certainly have to find an independent league to join until the draft rolled around next year. I believe the problem will be resolved without having to muddy the waters too bad though.