Friday, August 22, 2008

Gordon likely done for year; Mahay to DL as well

Alex Gordon's injury was found to be worse than originally thought late Friday evening. Upon further review Gordon has a torn muscle in his leg (near his hip area) that has landed him on the Disabled List. Before Friday's game against the Tigers, manager Trey Hillman said it was "not a matter of days, but a matter of weeks" before Gordon is set to return. It appears highly unlikely they would rush him back and risk further injury at the end of a lost season.
In my opinion, we should consider him done for the year.
Mark Teahen will step back in at third base (a position he hasn't played since Sept. 2006) while Gordon is out.
Ron Mahay also was placed on the DL thanks to a lingering foot injury that has kept him inactive for nearly all of August. The injury reportedly occurred Aug. 6 and he has logged little time throwing a baseball since then.
Kyle Davies has been recalled to take Mahay's roster spot and Joey Gathright has made it back from his rehab stint at Omaha and started in CF.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Boy, our pitching staff went from bad to abysmal in a hurry, didn't it? Most of the season, Mahay was a quiet, lights-out kind of guy for us. We'll miss that in the final weeks for sure.
Gordon, I kind of thought might get hot in the late season, simply because the pressure was off and he seemed to be coming around. Teahan will do fine at third because he's a stud on defense. At the plate, though? He struck out tonight with the tying and winning runs on base to make it a round 0-5 evening. Guillen also whiffed under those circumstances. Apropos of nothing, I guess, but it had to be said.

Tug said...

Strange how the past two seasons have ended for Gordon (if this truely is the end of the road for him). Last year it was a badly broken nose. This year he tears a muscle that isn't meant to be torn. Not a good way to finish!