Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slide continues, Royals blow it in 8th

Have I mentioned recently that the Royals went into tonight's game losers of 10 of their last 12? Well, take a wild guess what happened? Yep, they wasted another solid Gil Meche outing and robbed the ace of another win as Ramon Ramirez and (of all people) Joakim Soria were effed up in the 8th for five runs as the Tribe won it 8-5.

K.C. led 5-3 going into the inning. Hillman (despite claiming pitch counts wouldn't affect his decisions to yank pitchers this season) pulled Meche after he allowed just two hits (both homers) in seven innings of solid effort on the hill. In came Ramirez for the 57th time this season and he immediately gave up a Kelly Shoppach solo shot.

After walking a batter and giving up a sac bunt, Hillman summoned the Mexicutioner and he promptly walked another hitter before getting Mexicuted by Franklin Gutierrez on a 91 MPH fastball to make it 7-5 Cleveland. Soria followed that by allowing another run before Hillman finally brought Jeff Fulchino in to record the final out.

It just keeps getting worse as the season goes along. Last year the Royals finished strong. This year they are going south.

Soria blew just his third save of the season. He is now 33 for 36 in save opportunities this year.


Mark LaFlamme said...

I better post my comments before I get to drinking in earnest. I mean, this one goes down as one of those most disheartening and pathetic losses of the season.
I had a nervous flutter going when it became clear that Meche was coming out of the game. I don't know the rationale for it, Meche going strong at 104 pitches, but I won't deride Hillman for it. And I gave Trey a hearty fist pump when he called for Soria, clearly committed to getting things under control for Meche.
Nobody could have forseen the Soria meltdown. And it just serves as a big, ugly exclamation point for all of us abused Royals fans: when things are going wrong, they go really wrong. And let's face it: when Soria gets beat up by a fourth place lineup, you know we have sunk down into the mantle. Hard times, friends. Hard drinking times.

Tug said...

Have one for me too, buddy. I've an empty feeling in my gut right now. Stay safe brother. We're in this sh*&hole together.

Mark LaFlamme said...

I hate to come in ranting before you've had time to unleash a fresh blog. But why the hell did Hillman not pinch hit for Tony Pena with runners on in the seventh? God forbid we put Olivo out there and give him the chance to tie the game.
And why was Joel Peralta, who gives away more homeruns than the Royals give away bobblehead dolls, brought out to face the middle of the Indians order?
I like Hillman and I sort of hope he's back next year. But God help us if it doesn't look lately like he's scheming to invent new ways to pull the rug out in late innings.