Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Omaha-East Royals lose again

Okay, okay. I'm starting to feel like a broken record here. Nothing new really, just another Royals loss. Just more of the pitching staff being up and down, Jose Guillen proving his leadership qualities (and lack thereof) and losses piling up in the 'L' column.
During my long trek home yesterday I was listening to the game on radio and thinking about how bad this team is right now. Yeah, they were doing well in Brandon Duckworth's return and ended up winning the game. Still, I couldn't help but think about how upside down this roster has become in the past couple of months.
Jason Smith, Duckworth, Joey Gathright, Jeff Fulchino, Kyle Davies, Mitch Maier, Alberto Callaspo and scores of other guys have been summoned from Omaha the past few weeks. Yeah, some have been on "rehab" work and such, but in my opinion most of those dudes are AAA players anyways. It just goes to show the work Dayton Moore has in front of him.
Maier could be a pretty decent player but the jury has just begun to get a glimpse of what his trial is about. I'm not convinced Davies will ever figure out how the hell to pitch. Hey, haven't the Royals been weeding out pitchers with glaring inconsistencies the past couple of years? MacDougal, Burgos, Sisco, Fat Elvys and others of such effect are the pitchers I'm talking about. Dayton has shook those types of guys for the most part since he arrived on the scene. So it was strange when he made the move for Davies in the first place.
I have to give Hochevar a mulligan here. Yes, he's been very inconsistent but he wasn't twice a first round pick for nothing. Davies, well he's been inconsistent for several years now and I can't see him on the long side of Moore's patience much longer. Remember, Davies wasn't the popular choice for the rotation coming out of Spring Training. That should say something about the organizations feelings for the guy. They're just not sure he's right for the job.
For some reason I see Davies as a great bullpen guy down the road. I just don't think he'll ever figure things out as a starter. Gathright doesn't hit enough to fit into regular duty, though he could be a solid bench option late in games. Fulchino is not going to log a great deal of big league time in his career. MacDougal and Burgos are rarely heard from anymore. Ditto for Sisco. Fat Elvys, who?
Anyways, I hope your getting my point. The Royals are literally toting half a 25-man roster full of AAA baseball players. It's no wonder they've lost 999 out of the past 1,001 games or whatever it's gotten to in the day's since I've been away.
The losses keep mounting and so do my frustrations. I know you guys are feeling the same way I am. Heck, I'm sure the Major League portion of the roster is pretty pissed right now too. (Discout Guillen since that's always his outlook on life.)
Injuries account for most of the mess that has been the month of August. Because the entire organization is banged up right now it's hard to see things getting better before they get worse.
Hitters can't hit. Pitchers can't pitch. Fielders can't field. Pop ups get dropped. Soria blows saves.
I see September in the sights and it doesn't look pretty.

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