Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Royals lose again; will heads roll this offseason?

Dayton Moore sat down with some things to say. What was on his mind was sort of a "state of the Royals address" and was a little uncharacteristic of the man who normally has little to say or give away. Dayton seems to be sort of a read between the lines type of guy. One who, if you pay attention to what he says, can tell you a complete story without saying a word.
Moore said today that Trey Hillman and his staff are sticking around for next year and I agree they should (with the exception of hitting coach Mike Barnett who should be fired). Trey is still a rookie to Major League baseball and should be given a longer leash to work with what he's got.
Dayton placed a great deal of the blame on his own shoulders for how this season has gone. Especially, he says, for the lack of depth the team has in the minors. Look, I agree completely with Moore that the lack of depth has hurt this entire organization immensely for years. I just don't believe this is Moore's fault.
When he arrived in Kansas City this organization was in shambles. Players who didn't deserve to be in AA were at the big league level and there was no depth in the minors. These days, there is certainly more legitimate talent in the minors than there was when he arrived. That's saying something though because it is still a VERY depleted farm system.
It is still going to take several years to build this organization to serious contention, but it is starting to get there in a hurry with Moore and his staff on board. But what I heard from him today sounded like a man who maybe has had his fill of losing already.
Dayton talked numerous times about how the players were also at fault. About how they need to be accountable for the losses and even challenged Hosey to step it up and do better. He said he is determined to build depth in the minors. I believe him, and I think it will start this winter.
He seems to be completely worn out with some of unproductive lumps on the roster. He knows as well as all of Royals nation that there is players on this team that are sinking the ship. There are guys that do not deserve to play major league baseball right now. Guys that aren't strong enough to overcome failure and make their team and teammates better.
That's why I feel we may see some surprise trades over the winter.
Could they possibly deal away a Billy Butler or Jose Guillen? Sure. David DeJesus, despite his productivity, is certainly a hot commodity and highly respected around the league. Maybe even we see a shake up in the rotation? It all could happen. Free agent signings will obviously occur, and while that can help the club a great deal, the biggest improvements would have to come through the draft and through trades.
When Dayton wants to change something he usually seems to get the job done. One good offseason could really help retool the farm system. By all means - let the games begin.

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Josh said...

There needs to be major changes. Yes this is Moore's team but it still have a big Baird stamp. We need to come to grips with the fact we got screwed in the Beltran trade and dump that dead weight. Also...does anyone else notice Teahen's sharp decline started the sametime the MLB started the steriod crackdown? I hope he didn't juice but numbers don't lie and he is nowhere near the same player he once was.