Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tyler Lumsden update (WARNING: May make you puke)

Tyler Lumsden is at it again. I know, I know, you just read about how horrible he has been in my previous post. The thing is, I can't get off my soap box with this guy. Here's his line from tonight's game against Memphis.
0.2 IP 2H 4R 4ER 4BB 1K
OH MY GOD that is horrid. To top it all off he fell to 3-12 overall this year and his ERA jumps back up to 7.24.
I'm left handed. I can get shelled and walk twice as many hitters as I strike out in AAA. Can I play for Omaha and get paid??? Seriously, this guy has to have something wrong. He sucks real, real bad and has no right being in AAA right now. There are more deserving pitchers than this clown.

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