Saturday, August 23, 2008

Callaspo returns to K.C.

Alberto Callaspo has been recalled after a stint so sober up, err, a rehab stint at Omaha. Yeah, that's what it was. For "unspecified medical reasons".
I guess that's not had anything to do with his DUI arrest the day before. Maybe he banged up a knee on the pavement or the cops beat him up.
Anyways, he's back in K.C. after Gordon was officially placed on the DL today. Callaspo started against the Tigers at second base.


Mark LaFlamme said...

I'm psyched to see Collaspo back. He was always consistent at the plate and nimble at second. Sort of a quiet, get-it-done kind of guy.
As I write, the Tigers just went up 4-0 while the Royals seem to be napping. It's bad enough to lose, but they're not even giving us anything to get fired up about anymore. I'd really like to see a big inning sometime before the ninth tonight. I'm running out of swear words.

Tug said...

Callaspo is a MUCH MUCH better player all around than Esteban the Germ. Any way you slice it, the Royals are better off with him in the lineup versus German.

Mark LaFlamme said...

Three hits. Three measly hits. I plan my whole day around the game and they can't even lose with a little gusto. Unbelievable. There's something particularly dismal about this slump.