Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hochevar hurt; Wells may move into rotation

Luke Hochevar looked like his normal self Tuesday night- inconsistent. After starting the game with promise he followed it up the remainder of the outing with crappy pitches that yielded home runs to a powerful Indians lineup.

As if it weren't bad enough Leo Nunez stepped in and relieved him by allowing a 3-run jack to Grady Sizemore (no doubt arousing the "Grady's Ladies" section) and the Royals lost AGAIN 9-4.

Oh yeah, Hochevar got hurt too.

A ribcage injury left him nearly speechless in the locker room after the game. He could barely breathe after exiting while throwing warm up pitches before the start of the sixth. According to Trey Hillman, the injury is above his right ribcage and doesn't look good.

Looks like the Kip Wells signing will work for (but probably against) the Royals as he will likely be inserted into Hochevar's spot in the rotation - assuming Luke misses a start which appears highly likely.

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