Monday, September 1, 2008

Server back up, posting can happen again

Sorry for the delay in posts guys. For some reason this server wasn't allowing me to post things the past couple of days, and I still can't get rid of that old poll and add a new one. Keep your eyes peeled though because as soon as I can I will add another!
Now to posting some Royals stuff: As rosters begin to expand the team has recalled Jimmy Gobble and John Bale on Sunday. The two lefties will add plenty of depth in the bullpen which will suddenly triple in left handers when Ron Mahay comes back from the disabled list on Tuesday. If Josh Newman is recalled (as is expected) the total of lefties will jump to four. Should be interesting to see who they go with here. Word on the street is Ka'aihue may not make his debut with the big club. Seems some of the brass think it's too early to jump him up and would rather see him finish the year on a good note at Omaha.
I believe this is a dumb move. If Ka'aihue is called up right now it will only give him a jump start on next year. Let the kid get the butterflies out while the games mean nothing. Afterall, he has earned the call with the type of year he has had. Instead, the Royals are most likely to opt for Ryan Shealy - who has also had a respectable year in AAA and merits a call.
Ka'aihue must be added to the 40-man roster to get the call. Here's the deal though. In order to protect him from the Rule 5 draft next year he must be on the 40-man by November. So, in my opinion, they've got to do it anyways so they might as well give the kid some time in the show and prove how legit he is NOW!


Mark LaFlamme said...

In fact, after careful consideration of the numbers, the date, and the angle of the late summer moon, I have calculated that they should bring Ka'aihue up for the Sept. 6 and 7 games against the Indians. According to my elaborate computations, those are the dates most optimal for his induction into the big leagues. It has absolutely nothing to do that those are the days on which I will make my first pilgrimages to Kauffman. Absolutely nothing at all.

Tug said...

Of course not Mark. What ever makes you believe we were all suspecting that? What a crazy assumption that would be...
Haha. Have fun and be safe buddy.

Mark LaFlamme said...

You know it, man. I'm psyched. Thirty years of painful devotion to these guys and now I'll get to prove once in for all that they really exist. Got seats next to the dugout for the first game. I'll probably scream some managing pointers down to Hillman.