Thursday, September 4, 2008

Royals sweep, Ka'aihue left on deck

Well, it was finally nice to see the Royals do something positive for a change. Not only did they sweep the Oakland Athletics who, by the way, are the only team to have scored fewer runs than the Boys in Blue this season, but they also managed to get around blunders and, at times, bad pitching to get it done.
Mike Aviles made a goof in game one that led to three runs and nearly cost the Royals in a brutal way. Of course, Brian Bannister didn't have to start leaving pitches up and getting pounded shortly after the error either. Banny couldn't hold another four run advantage. He allowed a solo shot to Daric Barton to tie it at 4 after giving up three runs in the prior inning.
Thanks to a nice slap hit from Gathright in the 10th the Royals were able to win the series and then focus on the sweep in game 2. By the way, Aviles, DeJesus and Butler all had a great day. Heck, Butler had a great series. That was nice to see.
Oh, and as a footnote, Kip Wells sucks. There's a reason the guy was just on the free market. He's been jumping around the league doing his best Brett Tomko impressions the past couple seasons. I think you get my point.
In case you didn't see the game, Kila Ka'aihue made his major league debut as a pinch runner late in the night cap. He also played defensively at first during the eighth and ninth innings, but didn't get an at-bat. He was left stranded in the on-deck circle when Jason Smith got out to end the eighth.
Ryan Shealy got the start again tonight. Should be interesting to see when Trey gives Kila his shot to impress.


Mark LaFlamme said...

It was a pisser seeing the big K left on deck, but I'm all for seeing him get the big start on Saturday when I'll finally be at Kauffman.
And yeah. Kip Wells. What the hell is up with those back-to-back walks with such a cozy lead? That's not a matter of being careful with batters, it's a case of a pitcher who is completely unable to hit the strike zone. Yeah. Good pick up there.

Mark LaFlamme said...

Evening, Royals fans. I'll be at Kauffman Saturday and Sunday if anyone wants to drop by to say hello. Looking forward to it. It's been a long wait.
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