Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teahen makes my head hurt

Boy, oh boy, has Mark Teahen got us all scratching our heads. After a horrible start to the season appeared to stamp him a ticket straight out of town this winter, he has heated up enough to make us think otherwise. He is now hitting .256 with 14 homers and looks to finally have a clue at the dish.
I still see the massive potential in Teahen. Obviously, the club sees the same thing. It's been frustrating watching him struggle throughout most of the year, then he gets hot at all the wrong times and *BAM* the curiosity just kills us. I still believe the club will keep him on for next year, but, even with his fine ending to the season, his role on the team could greatly diminish.

The Royals are VERY LIKELY to sign a corner outfielder this winter. The free agent market is rather deep with talent and Moore is licking his chops to sign someone.

Let's just make believe the team signs, say, oh, Raul Ibanez. Also, let's see what happens if they keep/trade DeJesus:

Outfield with DeJesus:
LF -- Ibanez
CF -- DeJesus
RF -- Guillen

Outfield without DeJesus:
LF -- Ibanez
CF -- Teahen
RF -- Guillen

Obviously, if DeJesus is on the team next year I believe Teahen is your fourth outfielder/3B/1B fill-in off the bench. Otherwise, he still has a spot. I really do think he is worth keeping.

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The Mad Rabbi said...

How do you figure that the free agent pool is deep this year? If you consider what the Royals are looking for (young corner OF with power) there aren't many. I think Dunn is the only one that comes to mind. Otherwise, we are stuck unless we make a trade.

I don't think you trade Dejesus away, but I'm not sure who else we have to get rid of that we can get anything for.