Thursday, September 11, 2008

Burgos is a D-Bag

Got a call from a buddy of mine this morning (another loyal Royal) that did nothing but assure all those rude and crude comments I had made about Ambiorix Burgos over the years was right on the money. It seems the flame-throwing righty is a serious S#!T bag.
Now a member of the New York Mets (thank God!), Burgos was arrested in New York on Tuesday and charged with assaulting his girlfriend - who had to be treated for her injuries at a hospital. The "Un-Mexicutioner" apparently struck his woman and knocked her to the ground before the policia arrived and hauled his butt to the pokey. He appeared in court on Tuesday, but hadn't yet received the slap on the wrist he has coming his way.
By the way, the garbage pitcher and flake of a human being, has spent the past month in the minors (still a stretch for him) while rehabbing from an arm injury. Anyways, I'm done talking about this piece of crap. Sorry for bothering you with this one.

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