Friday, September 12, 2008

Garland, Lohse, Oliver Perez should all be on Royals' radar this offseason

Here's what these three starting pitchers have done so far in 2008:

* Jon Garland (Angels) 183.1 IP, 13-8 overall, 4.52 ERA, 83 K's, 55 BB. (29 years old)

* Oliver Perez (Mets) 171.1 IP, 10-7, 4.15 ERA, 154 K's, 91 BB. (27 years old)

* Kyle Lohse (Cardinals) 187.1 IP, 13-6, 3.80 ERA, 111 K's, 46 BB. (30 years old)

My take:

Garland is making $12MM this year while Perez is earning $6.5MM and Lohse $4.5MM. Garland is the weakest of the three hurlers and his service charge should come down this offseason - though maybe not by much. He probably makes the least sense for the team (economically anyways). Granted, at the same time Perez and Lohse are both expected to get raises when they hit the market.

Still, just nabbing one of these three pitchers would be a very good haul for the Royals. Lohse turned out to be a steal for the Cardinals this season, but some teams may be reluctant to spend too much on him this year in fear his 2008 numbers were a fluke. I think the guy can repeat what he has done this year in 2009. He is durable (187.1 IP) and has a fantastic strikeout-to-walk ratio. Perez would add a desperately needed lefty to the rotation without having to ask John Bale back into that role or get forced to try anything more catastrophic than that would be.

I still believe in Hochevar turning into a solid major league pitcher with some nasty stuff. You know what your getting in Meche and I believe Greinke began turning a major corner this season. Who knows about Bannister, but if he returns to 2007 form the rotation could be very good with one of these additions next season.

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