Monday, September 1, 2008

Let's talk deals

With word coming out that Rafael Furcal does not qualify as a Type A or Type B free agent this year (meaning he will not require any compensation for signing him this off season) I now am starting to believe he may make waves on the radar for Kansas City. Furcal would allow the Royals to shift Mike Aviles to second base and use Alberto Callaspo as a super utility option next year.
Injuries would certainly become a factor in signing a guy like Furcal, but the Royals stand little to lose in taking a leap on the guy. The viable options to fill the shortstop position on the roster and in the minors is very watered down. Aviles certainly has proved he can play the position, but has also said himself he is best suited to play second. We all know Moore wants to protect his draft picks, and, yes, Moore was in Atlanta with Furcal all those years. It makes perfect sense. Of course, it would have to make perfect "cents" in order to work out as well.
On the trade front I believe the Royals HAVE GOT TO FIND A CATCHER! I'm sick and tired of watching John Buck as the starting catcher. The infatuation with him has to come to an end SOON. The guy is like a lump of cole in your stocking at Christmas. Nothing but disappointment. The Texas Rangers have an influx of young talent at catcher that they are just waiting to unload for the right price.
Jose Guillen, maybe? Look, you are going to think I'm crazy here but I believe that Mitch Maier could be close to David DeJesus on this team. He is going to hit 8-15 homers a year (not great, but DeJesus numbers), he plays good defense, hits for a good average and would be sure to steal just as many (and likely more) bases.
I'm just saying I don't think this team is going to be hurt that bad by trading him while his return is at its peak. When DeJesus starts to decline, he's going to fall off the radar quick. He has average-at-best speed for a center fielder and doesn't hit with enough "SLUUUG" to be a corner outfielder. (Trey Hillman loves me right now.) With what a player like DeJesus would return, I would say pull the trigger and help re-load the system with close-to-ready big league talent.
Any of the young catchers from Texas would be a good haul. The free agent market for catchers is going to be very weak. I have evidence to prove it. Miguel Olivo will be one of the top receivers on the market. So there.
Teahen isn't going to bring much, so it would probably be wise to keep him (now my throat hurts). Gordon and Butler are most likely not going to be dealt. Though if it meant nailing a solid power bat I wouldn't be surprised to see Dayton shake it up a bit.
I'll have more on this as we get closer to the off season.

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