Friday, September 12, 2008

Dragging out the Eric Hosmer situation

With first-round pick Eric Hosmer getting into just three professional games at Idaho Falls this year before the commissioner's office pulled him off the field, it comes as no surprise Dayton Moore wants to get him back on the field as soon as the Arizona Instructional League fires up on Sept. 22.

However, it doesn't appear that will happen as MLB and the Players Union met in front of an arbitrator Wednesday to discuss the Pedro Alvarez/Pirates signing situation. Hosmer, who was mentioned by Pirates brass to have signed AFTER Alvarez, remains in limbo as the arbitrator has scheduled another hearing for Sept. 23 (a day after the AZIL opens play). Moore is growing impatient with the situation as this could shave some time off Hosmer's arrival to the big leagues. (Ok, maybe not that much time - but still.)

Rumors are the arbitrator could then possibly drag these hearings well into October before making a decision. Thus, ending Hosmer's season before it ever really started. So much for the Aug. 15 signing deadline (designed to get players into games and not drag the signing process into next season). Let's just hope there aren't any more twists to this story - if you know what I mean.

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