Friday, April 10, 2009

You're welcome, Mr. Farnsworth

Wow! What a welcome Royals fans just gave Kyle Farnsworth when he was introduced during pre-game ceremonies before today's game. Farnsy was welcomed with a hail of boos from the crowd, and he was certainly put in a pickle. Seriously, I'm not sure one single person cheered the man. I'd be willing to bet Joe Girardi and the rest of the Yankees were even standing over there booing him too.

Obviously, fans haven't forgotten the opening day meatball he served to Jim Thome. I'm sensing a shaky relationship from the outset. Haha. I wonder what Dayton Moore thought of that? I'm guessing that will be talked about after the game.

Whad did Farnsworth do? Just smiled and downed his head, of course.

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