Saturday, April 4, 2009

ESPN is lovin' on the Boys in Blue

Bored and flipping through channels the past couple of days, I came across a couple of things that sort of made me realize just how the baseball world is starting to notice the improvements the Royals have made lately.

I came across ESPN on a couple of separate occasions, and, surprisingly, they weren't talking about Boston or New York, but rather the Royals. First, Buster Olney - a well respected baseball guy in this business, pegged Royals No. 3 starter Kyle Davies as the guy most likely to affect his teams success/failure this season. I kind of found it hard to believe (I mean, he's gonna make an impact, albeit a good or bad one, in their success - but really?) that Davies is THE MAN to decide the Royals fate - let alone have more of an impact on his team than anyone else in the league. It's a bold prediction.

Then, on Saturday, I saw Tim Kurkjian say that Alex Gordon is the junior most likely to have the most success this year. Rather than instill the sophomore slump tag on anyone (I hope Mike Aviles is immune to that disease) they picked the third year player (junior, get it?) that is most likely going to put it all together in a big way this year.

Kurkjian and Olney both are warning clubs to look out for the Royals this year. It's finally nice to see the rest of the world seeing better days ahead for a change.

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