Sunday, January 25, 2009

As the Teahen turns

Wow. I don't think this saga is never going to end. Mark Teahen, God bless his soul, has agreed to again switch positions for Kansas City this season. This time the 3B/RF/LF/CF will give second base a shot. As if the poor guy hasn't wasted the past four years getting jerked around from position to position by the club, Teahen seems to be ready to take another lump for the team.
Look, I know some of you guys aren't big Teahen fans. I understand I'm likely in the minority on this one, but I honestly feel for the guy. Yeah, yeah, I know the Royals pay him a lot of money to play baseball. But I honestly feel his slump in offensive production has had everything to do with the fact that every year he's spending so much time learning a new position.
Brian McRae more or less said the Royals need to crap or get off the pot with Teahen. I think all of us fans would agree. McRae, like myself, feels Teahen is an everyday player and should be in the lineup regularly. He also agreed that the team should leave him alone and reap the benefits of his offensive game, or trade him to someone who will. You can read the entirety of my interview with McRae in the coming weeks. It's possible that you will see the McRae interview posted on Wednesday.


Mark LaFlamme said...

If this is the year Teahan finally finds his offensive groove, great things could happen. I have no indication that such a thing is coming, but dare to dream, right? Teahan is a great athlete who for some reason or another can't find consistency at the plate. He's really got to get there early in the season, I think.
Tell you what: it looks like I'll be heading to Surprise to catch three or four spring training games (yes, I have a bucket list and yes, that was high up on it.) Maybe I'll take Mark out for beers and give him a stern talking to. That oughta do it, huh?

Levi "Tug" Payton said...

Haha. Mark I hope you get to take 'T' out for beers. Having spoken with him quite a few times over the years I can tell you he's one funny dude. I think you two just might end up getting lit up and making ESPN the next morning, maybe?
As for his production at the plate, I seriously think he'll struggle again this year by having to learn another position. I think this team would have been better off leaving him at third. His numbers are tremendously better at the plate when he's playing third. It's a comfortability thing.