Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Royals pushing hard to deal Guillen

According to sources, Jose Guillen's name has been getting thrown around quite a lot by the Royals at the baseball winter meetings in Las Vegas. Over the past week, in an attempt to move the slugger's hefty contract (and attitude), the team has been trying to put together potential trade partners that would allow them to then step up efforts to sign free agent SS Rafael Furcal.

The Royals have been named as on of four finalists for Furcal's services in 2009, though it is believed he already spurned a 3 year, $34.5MM deal from the Oakland Athletics. As you are already aware, the Royals gave Guillen a 3 year, $36MM deal before last season and would now LOVE to put him in another city - far, far away.

Also to report, the Royals seem to be inching ever so close to an agreement with 32 year old fireballer Kyle Farnsworth. You remember him I'm sure. He's the dude that Brian Urlacher'd Cincinatti Reds pitcher Paul Wilson several years ago when Wilson UNWITTINGLY charged the mound after being plunked by Farnsey.

He throws hard. BELIEVE ME. I witnessed him hit 101 MPH on the radar gun on three consecutive pitches at St. Louis in 2006. He definitely fits the profile Dayton Moore wants at the back end of the bullpen.

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