Wednesday, December 10, 2008's Top 50 prospects released just released its 2009 Top 50 Prospects and the Royals have two players ranked in the top 30.
2007 1st rounder (second overall pick) Mike Moustakas is ranked No. 11 on the list while 2008 1st rounder (third overall) Eric Hosmer is No. 29.

You can check out their profiles on and even watch video clips of the duo at the plate. Moustakas, by the way, has one of the sweetest swings you'll ever see. I witnessed this guy play many games in high school against top competition, and he has always made scouts salivate at his potential. Hosmer, oh yeah, saw him too. The kid can rake.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Damn, I like the looks of this projected lineup. There's not a guy here who can't hit. If Billy Butler and Alex Gordon live up to their potential, we're in contention.

1. Coco Crisp, CF;
2. Mike Aviles, SS;
3. David DeJesus, LF;
4. José Guillen, RF;
5. Mike Jacobs, 1B/DH;
6. Billy Butler, 1B/DH;
7. Alex Gordon, 3B;
8. Miguel Olivo, C;
9. Alberto Callaspo, 2B.

Levi "Tug" Payton said...

Agreed. That is a much better lineup than year's past.