Monday, December 15, 2008

Jumpin' Joey! Cubs land former Royal

After months of speculation swirled that the Chicago Cubs were trying to trade for Mark Teahen, it appears the Cubbies have finally landed their Royal outfielder...just not Teahen. Instead, the club has come to terms on a contract with speedster Joey Gathright who was non-tendered by Kansas City on Friday.
Gathright certainly isn't the power bat the Cubs were once thought to be seeking to replace Kosuke Fukudome in RF, though he certainly swings from the left side - which they desperately wanted. Look for him to compete as the fourth outfielder or spend a lot of time at AAA Iowa next season.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Word is, Joey will be running back and forth between KC and Chicago as he moves his stuff.
But seriously. I liked Joey because he always made interesting things happen when he got on base. Unfortunately, that was only three or four times a year.
Ah, it's great to be back. I've missed my incisive wit.

Levi "Tug" Payton said...

It's great to have you back, Mark. I missed you incisive wit as well bro.