Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teahen avoids arbitration

The Royals and 3B/LF/CF/RF/1B/2B Mark Teahen came to terms this evening on a one year, $3.575 million contract that will allow the club and himself to avoid arbitration. Teahen, who will be competing for the starting job at yet another position, second base, hit .255 with 15 homers and 59 RBI last season.
Since Dayton Moore took over the reigns from Allard Baird the Royals haven't had to go to arbitration with a player yet. Newly acquired first baseman Mike Jacobs is the lone player eligible for arbitration with the club this year.

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Mark LaFlamme said...

So, Teahan's got a year to prove himself. Frankly, I hope he has an all-star year, hitting for extra bases all over the place, running like a stallion and proving freakishly adept at second. Of course the problem will come next year when the contract is out and suddenly he's hot property. But of course, we'll cross that base path when we come to it.