Thursday, October 30, 2008

Royals get Jacobs

As I speculated earlier this week, the Royals worked hard and hammered out a deal for Florida 1B Mike Jacobs. Reliever Leo Nunez is the Royal on the move.

Jacobs, who hit .249 with 32 homers this year did strike out over 100 times last season. However, the 28 year old slugger provides the team with the much needed "sock" they have been so desperately needing for several years.

Nunez, while he has shown the potential to be a dominant pitcher, was injured for a great deal of '08 and was a guy Dayton Moore feels like he can replace in the 'pen. Rosa will probably get a pretty good shot at replacing Nunez this spring.

Also, as I said earlier this week, the player the Royals originally wanted to send to the Marlins was indeed RHP Carlos Rosa. However, the Marlins backed out with concerns that Rosa's arm may not be healthy - the Royals strongly disagree with this.

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