Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dayton prefers trades more than Free Agency

The Royals may not make much of a splash in the free agent market this year afterall. Oh, but there WILL BE change. Instead of signing high-priced players that are generally flawed, Moore is saying he prefers to do some wheeling and dealing instead.

Not saying he won't be active in Free Agency, but who is out there that really stands out this year anyways?

Already GMDM has began his quest to make this team better by calling around to other teams this week to see what tradeable pieces may be available. It is likely Moore has also discussed potential Royals he would make available to those teams as well, though it is unlikely he has gone into any major discussions about the 'who-for-who' details.

This is the time of year when teams begin getting their 'feelers' from around the league to set up potential winter deals. Moore remains tight-lipped about the Zack Greinke situation and it appears he will at least dangle his name to teams and see whether the youngster would be more valuable on this team or on an airplane to another city. It also is likely both John Buck and Miguel Olivo are being discussed to some extent with teams looking to add a catcher.

I won't be posting as often as I was during the season. I know I haven't been the most loyal blog host the past couple of weeks, but forgive me please...I got married and had been stowed away on our honeymoon. Well, now that's over so it's back to business!!!

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