Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm back!

Hey guys, after a long layoff I'm back to blog about the Royals again in 2010. I'm sorry for the delay, but I needed a break after the dud that was 2009.
As you know, a lot has changed in the course of a year within the Royals organization. The team hired future manager Ned Yost recently - that's another post in itself right there - and has pumped plenty of new blood into the powder blue's yet again.
But before you get excited about this season, let me warn you: this team is a trainwreck waiting to happen. Like a lot of people, I was one who was excited about the possibility of competing for the division crown before last season. Then the team got off to a good start and all was peachy. That is, until reality set in.
Most everyone suspected Kyle Farnsworth would crash and burn - but I could probably count on one hand the people who figured Juan Cruz would have it as rough as he did. Mike Aviles, Coco Crisp, Alex Gordon, The Mexicutioner...the list goes on and on with the players who got hurt and missed significant time. I still don't buy that as an excuse from the Royals, however.
After such a great start, perhaps Royals fans should have known the team would trip over the first hurdle and be out of the race a few paces in. It is in our bloodlines, you know.
Gone are Mark Teahen, Crisp, Mike Jacobs, Miguel Olivo, John Buck, etc., etc. In are superstars like Chris Getz, Josh Fields, Rick Ankiel, Brian Anderson and Jason Kendall (I say 'superstars' sarcastically, of course).
If you believe this team will be very good, give me a call, I want to sell you something. Even with Zack Greinke on the hill every fifth day, they're doomed.
Anyways, the things I've just mentioned will all be brought up again in future posts leading up to the season. I just wanted to get on here and tell you guys that I haven't given up yet. I mean, my wife doesn't know a lot about sports, so I have to rant and rave somewhere, right?


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