Saturday, July 4, 2009

Royals should target Escobar

If ever Dayton Moore has wanted to make a deal with his former club, the Atlanta Braves, then now should be the time.

The Braves are looking for trade partners and all indications are that they would love to trade both pitcher Javier Vasquez and shortstop Yunel Escobar. Point blank, the Royals should be IN on Escobar. In fact, they should be cutting to the front of the line to take Escobar off of Atlanta's hands. Apparently Escobar and manager Bobby Cox don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things and thus Escobar has landed in Cox's doghouse.

Fair enough, we'll take him. Let's face it, the Royals aren't scared to take on guys with character issues. Word is the Braves are seeking an outfield bat. Sounds like they need Jose Guillen to me. In fact, word is today that they have discussed Guillen and he IS an option for them. I say that's a good one-for-one swap. A player they no longer want for a player we no longer want. They get their outfielder and we get a shortstop. And a dang good one too.

I say dang good loosely. He's dang good compared to Tony Pena Jr, Luis Hernandez and Tug Hulett (who's originally a second baseman). He can hit and field it. Plus, he's a better runner than any of the other three, though not a speedster by any means.


Also out there in the rumor mill is that the Giants, Cubs, Red Sox and Angels are showing interest in Mark Teahen. All four teams - and possibly more - have contacted the Royals about Teahen, and the Giants seem to be showing the most interest right now. The Cubs have been kicking Teahen's name around for three years now, so they might make a move on him.


Anonymous said...

Haha. 1 for 1. Guillen is a worthless, overpaid, bad fielder. Escobar is one of the best clutch hitters in baseball, he probably has one of, if not the best arms as a SS in baseball. He is young, cheap and under team control (not even arb eligible yet). There is has beentalk of a deal that would send Matt LaPorta to ATL for Escobar. You think Jose guillen would work? Hahaha. Maybe guillen for JFKs but not for Esco or Vazquez.

Anonymous said...

Dude, all indications are that the Braves have no interest in dealing Escobar, which is exactly the opposite of what you wrote. Where do you get this stuff? Just because teams are calling about a guy doesn't mean the team fielding the call is dying to get rid of him. Escobar would command, at the least Timothy Melville, and then some to even have a shot, and that's if the Braves were looking to deal him, which they are not. This post is solely written on the basis of what you want, and has nothing to do with any aspect of reality. Just saying..

Levi "Tug" Payton said...

Dude, not sure where you're getting information that they aren't interested in dealing Escobar? Especially since you posted anonymous. Pretty sure they are fed up with his attitude and would DEFINITELY deal him if they could acquire another bat. He and Bobby Cox don't see eye to eye, that's not a secret. It's not as if Escobar is some sort of Derek Jeter and can't be replaced. Lighten up. It's not a secret they're shopping him. Maybe just not to certain teams. Again, rumors are just that...rumors. Just relaying info on what I'm hearing to you guys. To assume that I'm making this up is an insult. Don't shoot the messenger.

Anonymous said...


Here's where I got it from. I'm not saying you're making it up, I'm just wondering where you are hearing that they are wanting to trade him. Not that it matters to the Royals now with Yuni onboard, but the Braves do NOT appear inclined to move Escobar.

Here is the link... Thoughts??

Levi "Tug" Payton said...

There are several Braves sources who say they are inclined to talk about Guillen. There are also several who aren't pleased with Escobar anymore. The Royals wanted Escobar badly. One for one was a stretch, but Dayton Moore does have friends over there. I can't help it that I'm hearing one thing and another writer is hearing something else. It happens. Now, understand that information at this time is always going to get skewed and mixed around a little bit. It's not an uncommon thing for one writer to hear one thing while another hears something completely different. It's just like the NFL Draft. Teams aren't going to tell you EVERYTHING unless it's to their advantage. Same goes for the clubs who have spoken to these teams. It's all a big game.