Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teahen likely will be traded

Apparently, the Royals are still having plenty of discussions with teams about moving Mark Teahen. Many scouts feel Teahen still has the ability to be an offensive threat, and obviously many teams around the league feel the same way.

The newest team in the mix is the Chicago Cubs. Actually, the two teams have been in discussions for a few weeks (sorry, I know, I'm slacking some) but it is just now getting serious as Ryan Dempster has agreed to terms with the Cubbies on a four year deal. Now that they have locked up Dempster, the Cubs are no longer expected to seriously pursue Jake Peavy.

The deal could hinge around the willingness of the Cubs to part with either Felix Pie or Rich Hill. Pie, a highly regarded outfield prospect, hasn't really hit in his limited time in the major leagues though he should hit with more at-bats. Hill was expected to be one of the anchors of the Chicago rotation last season, but he hit a wall for some reason and spent a great portion of the season at Triple-A Iowa.

With that in mind, they instead are turning their attention to the lefty bat they are seeking in the outfield to replace Kosuke Fukodome - who was abysmal last season at the plate. It's obvious Teahen is the primary trade chip in Dayton Moore's jar. It's beginning to look very doubtful he will be back with the team next season, though not impossible.

The Royals could also change their stance on keeping David DeJesus and deal him to a team like the Cubs. It is more likely that he will not be moved. Teahen would fit in very nicely with the Cubs, though it is not known what they are offering in return.

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Mark LaFlamme said...

Teahan is one of those dudes you want to love because he's such a cool guy and an exciting player when he gets hot. Unfortunately, those hot streaks are few and way, way far between. Although I hope we don't trade just for the sake of trading. Teahan really COULD find his groove and start hitting more consistently. Plus, the beast runs like a horse.